Our Reasons

East Africa has a rapidly developing economy, but there is still a big skills gap, particularly in the area of technical skills. Employers are being forced to import technicians from all over the world to work on different East African projects because we lack the technical expertise within the region. This is what key players in the East African and international community have to say about this problem.

“SOGA will assist the private sector and partner governments in preparing their workforce for upcoming opportunities. We will ensure that any jobs which are created by the Oil & Gas iIndustry are open and accessible to local people.”

Lisa Phillips

Country Director (Kenya), DFID

“The recent oil & gas discoveries in Kenya and Eastern African countries offer an unprecedented opportunity for economic growth and development. In the next 2 years, the Oil and Gas industry will have a huge demand for technical skills. There is an urgent need to qualify and prepare the Kenyan and Eastern African people for future jobs.”

Hendrik Linneweber

Country Director, (Kenya) GIZ

“For our clients in the Middle East and Africa, top Welding Technicians and Engineers are required to create teams of excellence in fabrication. Our specialized services help qualified candidates find jobs with leading companies in Oil, Gas and Alternative Energy sectors around the world. The skill pool for many technical jobs is completely global and WTS is proud to be part of getting the right skills to the right projects around the world.”

Frederik Rengers

CEO, WTS Energy Limited

“Kenya is facing a massive skills gap in Energy and Petroleum at a time when the country is at the peak of its oil exploration. The industry is quickly growing in the country and limited expertise has forced Kenya to outsource.”

Susan Munyori

National Content Manager, Tullow Kenya Limited

“Skills shortage has pushed Kenya to ship in foreign workers to construct the new KES 43 billion Nairobi-Mombasa refined oil pipeline. Kenya has only 3 specialised pipeline welders, a situation which forced us to recruit foreigners to construct the petroleum pipeline. Kenya is spending over KES 3.6 million a month on imported manpower from as far away as Nigeria and South Africa to weld and coat the new Mombasa-Nairobi pipeline.”


John Ngumi

Chairman, Kenya Pipeline Company Limited

“Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is the weakest link in the entire education system. Yet we require a skilled workforce to roll out projects identified in Vision 2030, such as Konza Techno City, the LTWP, the LAPPSET, the SGR, and the UKCOP”

Frank Ireri

Group Managing Director, Housing Finance Group Limited